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Hello and welcome to Wiki Aventurica. On this page the presumably most important questions of new visitors of the Wiki Aventurica and beginners to the functionality of a wiki will be answered and will ease them into the wiki. Now let us clarify the most important question from the start:

What is Wiki Aventurica?[edit]

It has to be said that we are, unlike Wikipedia, not an internet encyclopedia and we don't want to be. So what do we want? Because this a key question, we have our own page about this: About Wiki Aventurica. You should read the article some time.

And which projects do already exist?[edit]

While the German part is widely organised and structured, the English part is still at its very beginning. So if we have a English project in planning stage, it will be announced.

What is a wiki?[edit]

In effect a wiki is nothing more than a website. You enter the address of a certain page in your browser and it is displayed. You can navigate between the single pages by using links, like on other websites.

Regular websites are fixedly located on a webserver. If you want to change something, the administrator of the site will have to log in and make modifications. The regular user is only able to read the text. If he or she finds a mistake or would like to add something, he or she will be forced to ask/suggest the administrator of the site to make this modification.

And here is the specialty of a wiki: Each page can (normally) be edited by everyone. Without making a detour through the administrator. In fact, every modification which you make is viewable for you and the rest of the world in no time. If you find a fault, you will be able to correct it directly. If you want to annotate or add something, you will be able to insert it into the page directly. You can even create completely new pages, if you have an idea about a new topic.

And how does it work?[edit]

In principle it is very simple. Above each page there is a button edit (bearbeiten). If you click it, a new page will be displayed. To ease the introduction for users, who have no clue about markup language for webpages HTML, the wiki-pages are composed in a special wiki-code, which is fundamentally simpler than HTML.

Just read through the tutorial. There most things, that one should know, are explained and also all the other things beyond the wiki-syntax, namely when one should edit, make modifications or create which article in which way. But being an English speaking user, this is not asked of you.

Can I give it a try?[edit]

Of course! For everyone who wants to fumble around, there is the Sandpit. Trial and error at will.

Do I really have to register as a user?[edit]

Yes and no. The editing and creation of new pages works flawlessly without any registration and/or login. So everybody is able to make modifications. But by-and-by you will realize that it simply more practical to log in. If a registered user modifies a page, his or her name will be displayed in the version history of the page. So you can track who did make the modification. In addition it is possible for registered users to sign their posts in discussions with the four tildes ~~~~ . The tildes are going to be replaced by the user name and the current date + time. Finally every logged in user has his or her own user page, where messages can be left to contact him or her.

Further questions about the wiki?[edit]

If you still have further questions about the wiki technology, you will certainly find answers on the pages of the argueably most famous English wiki, the Wikipedia or in the guide of the Mediawiki, the software, which is used by this wiki.

So, what can I change in the Wiki Aventurica?[edit]

The answer to this question can be found in our guidlines. If you have questions the moderators will be at your service. Just write about your problem in their discussion page.