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Hello and welcome to the tutorial for contributers, a step-by-step introduction about the working with Wikilogo6.png.

At this point it is important to say that we are, unlike Wikipedia, no internet encyclopaedia, but something like an almost free editable big homepage. It is primarily intended as bibliography and idea platform for all friends of the roleplaying system "The Dark Eye".

Due to copyright issues we mustn't replace products of Ulisses Spiele or FanPro on no account. This means in detail:

  • Please do not copy texts from products
  • Please do not recite from memory (that's almost the same thing)
  • Please do not copy detailed values (e.g. hitpoints of a weapon, attribute values of NPC, etc.) - unless it concerns an errata

So what's allowed?

  • Additions and ample source remarks about all possible topics
  • to post homemade material, unless it devalues official products or gives an account of them in a too detailed way
  • quote errata

The tutorial is composed of a serial of single pages and is here to impart abilities and knowledge to you that you need to take part in the Wikilogo6.png.

Each page describes an useful feature of the wiki software, offers help concerning style and content, informs about the most important conventions in the Wiki Aventurica.

But it is important to remember that this is a short introduction and no elaborated description of the rules of Wiki Aventuria or all possible features of the software.

In addition there is the sandpit, where you can try out the new knowledge and practice. Don't worry - just test how everything works; nobody will be incensed, if an experiment of you fails. So just have a look at what is there.

Ready? Then let's start!