Realms of Arkania

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Realms of Arkania[edit]

Brief Description[edit]

Realms of Arkania (RoA) was a trademark of the now defunct Sir-Tech Software, Inc. that was used to introduce The Dark Eye to an English audience for the first time in 1993. There where six releases under the RoA-trademark: Blade of Destiny (1993), Star Trail (1994), The Charlatan, The Lioness, The Sacrifice (all 1996) and Shadows over Riva (1997). In 2003 Fantasy Productions was forced to change the established name as they were unable to obtain the trademark.

Please note that names are at times translated differently in The Dark Eye and Realms of Arkania products.
If you'd like to see a list of those differencies have a look at the English-German dictionary.

The translations of the three computer games are rather weak, for example a female warrior is called "she-warrior".