Witching Hours

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Adventure description[edit]

For spoilers and help see Witching Hours (spoilers).

TDE1.2 Witching Hours
Adventure volume
Edition: 4th
Campaign: none
Author(s): Stefan Küppers
Cover: Ugurcan Yüce
Time: 28 Haal
Place: Middenrealm, Griffinsford
Pagecount: 48
Price: 9.99 $/12,50 €
ISBN and availability: ISBN 1-9325-6405-5 availability
Release date: 2004
Available at:
Additional Information:
by courtesy of
Ulisses Spiele and Uhrwerk Verlag

Back cover[edit]

In Witching Hour's, the heroes are drawn to the village of Millington, where for some months various hauntings have descended upon the villagers, driving them away from their homes. Some locals have vanished mysteriously, and those who remain are in a panic. What has caused these strange events, and can they be stopped? The heroes must investigate in this adventure of greed and deception.

Additional information[edit]

This adventure is part of the anthology The Secret of the Blue Tower and Witching Hours.It is the English translation of the German Geisterstunden (included in the anthology Rückkehr zum Schwarzen Keiler).


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