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Brief Description[edit]

Aventuria is a rather small, central continent on Dere. It measures about 3000 miles in a north-south direction and about 2000 miles in an east-west direction. On a World map the continent spans between 10 degrees to 45 degrees latidude on the northern hemisphere. Its climate classifications range from the perpetual ice in the far north to tropical forests in the southern lands.

To the east, Aventuria is seperated from the Giant's Shore by the Iron Edge Mountains. To the west, beyond the Sea of Seven Winds, lies Myranor. The mysterious continent of Uthuria is situated in the south.

Coarse Ethrography[edit]

Al'Anfa, Fasar, Festum, Gareth, Havena, Kuslik, Punin, Vinsalt
Largest states
Alanfanian Empire, Arania, Caliphate, Bornland, Horasian Empire, Middenrealm
Balash, Cyclops Islands, Fairfield, Forest Islands, Gorian Desert, Grimfrost Wastes, Iron Edge, Khom Desert, Lizard Marshes, Maraskan, Mhanadistan, Orkland, Rain Mountains, Rashtul Wall, Stone Oak Forest, Svellt Valley, Yeti's Land
Bodies of water
Born River, Great River, Yaquir, Cichanebi Salt Lake, Lake Harodrôl, Mhanadi, Nine-Eye Lake, Sea of Pearls, Sea of Seven Winds, Southern Sea, Svellt

Earthly Affairs[edit]

The roleplaying game, which we know as The Dark Eye today, was named Aventuria at first. Regarding the title of the game the continent was named Aventurien according to an idea of Hans Joachim Alpers; the world was named Dere by Ulrich Kiesow. Because of the sale to Droemer Knaur and Schmidt Spiele+Freizeit the name of the rule system changed - the names of the world and the continents stood the same.

Untrue is the following story: "In 1984 the primary developers of TDE, Ulrich Kiesow and Werner Fuchs, both with a pen in the hand, have drawn a zigzag-line on a DIN A4 sheet from the one corner to the other. In this way the contour of the continent Aventuria was created." (Source: Magische Zeiten page 11)

Indeed Aventuria existed as a term from the beginning - but there was neither a random shape of two line drawers nor a concrete conception at the beginning. It was Bryan Talbot, who gave Aventuria a raw shape for the first time, because he wanted to draw a map as illustration for the first rulebook. The part, which was visible on the picture, was extended and also partly changed by Ulrich Kiesow and Werner Fuchs in 1985.

Because of this christian churches,space ships of aliens and a gate to another planet can be found n the first works concerning Aventuria. The world was versatile and vaguely defined at the beginning, so that many authors were allowed to flower out. Ulrich Kiesow was able to assure his position more and more, and established his conceptions as a framework. The success told its own tale.

At the beginning whimsical ideas shaped the world - more and more Aventuria was understood as pastiche of the earthly history and historical cultures - but sometimes elements were also included, which serve as a memorial to the authors or their friends.


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