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[?] C04 Drakensang
Computer game
Edition: 4th (modified)
Authors: Anton Weste, Mark Wachholz, Momo Evers, Stefan Blanck
Time: 1032 BF
Place: Ferdok, Kosh
System requirements:
Languages: German, English
Release date: February 24, 2009
Available at: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk
Additional Information:
© Radon Labs

Brief Description[edit]

Drakensang is a computer role-playing game by Radon Labs. The game was announced on April 21, 2006 by publisher dtp entertainment AG.

Drakensang is the first game in world of The Dark Eye since the Northlands Trilogy (Blade of Destiny, Star Trail, Shadows over Riva) from the 1990s.


Wiki Aventurica[edit]


Players choose a race/ethnicity and profession combination at the time of character creation. Experience and leveling occurs ongoing while adventuring.

Campaingn World Detail[edit]

The game begins in Avestrue, a small farm community southeast of Ferdok in the Principality of Kosh. Avestrue consists of an Inn with outdoor seating named "the Jagged Blade", a couple of farm houses, a very small shrine to Peraine, and an old abandoned mill. Notable NPCs: Owlstone the Hunter who lives in a cabin in the woods with a large number of wolves prowling about. Thalion the Inkeeper who proudly displays the severed bear head in his inn once you slay it in the nearby caves. A number of other characters living in tents awaiting the opening of Ferdok once they solve the murders that have been taking place there.

Helpful Hints[edit]

The levers in the fountain room of Ferdok should be set to up, down, down, up, down to start the water.

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