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We start with the most important feature of a wiki: Edit a page. Every wiki-page has a link „bearbeiten“ (edit) up in the bar and at each paragraph. With it you can edit the page, that you are looking at.
This is the concept, which we call wiki. Everybody can edit everything! The changes are visible for everybody in no time. If you find a mistake in an article, you can correct it immediately in this way: Click on bearbeiten (edit) up-most near the edge of the screen to edit the whole article.

The readout of a "Bearbeiten"-page divide into the following 3 main regions:

  1. Toolbar with descriptive little pictures
  2. The editing field itsself
  3. the region below the editing field with the summary and the post-button

The Toolbar[edit]


Very important are the little pictures/icons pointed out by the red, blue and green arrow.

  • The red arrow: B stands for Bold. I stands for Italics.
  • The blue arrow: With it you can sign. Equal to: ~~~~
  • The green arrow: With both the little pictures above the arrow you can set links or include graphics.

On the dicussion pages it is important to be able to relate messages to users. Please use the 'sign'-button after each post, which will add the following character string, which will be turned into a signature after the saving process: --~~~~

The Editing-Field[edit]

In here you enter the text. If you know the wiki-tags, you can format the text in the right way with them. You can also use the toolbar above to insert the tags.

But also note: Users, who are new in the wiki, don't have to care about formatting. Just write on! And please don't have a bad conscience about orthography. We will correct and format it.

Otherwise we will be pleased, if you have a look at the summary of the most important wiki commands. You will learn nearly everything about the things you should know.

The Region below the Editing Field[edit]


  • At the "Zusammenfassung" (summary) (red arrow) you can say what you have done in short words.
  • BEFORE you save the article you should unconditionally use the "Vorschau zeigen" (preview) button first (green arrow). Not untill it looks the way you want to, you save the article. This way you spare the moderators the proofreading.
  • Only now press the "Seite speichern" (save) button (blue arrow).

To get a feeling for the editing of pages, there is the sandpit. There you can try out and practice as much as you want and also make mistakes. You open this page now, best in a new window or tab – this works with a right-click and the relevant selection from the menue (open link in new window/tab) or with Crtl+click respectively Shift+click in many browsers.

Just do it! If you click on the link „ “, you can see the source code of the „sandpit“. Now you can give trial and error a chance Later on you can take a chance at other articles.

Important to know is also: If you create a new article, or add something to another, although you don't know the wiki-language stuff yet, then enter your text on top or down below. We will see to an appealing formatting later on. The main thing is that your valuable contribution is there in the first place.

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