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Format Text[edit]

After you have learned how to edit an article respectively a text, it is time for some simple formatting rules.

You can write bold or italic or bold and itaric. And that is how it is done:

Here a short summary and survey
How it look like That's the wiki notation And that's in HTML
bold '''bold''' <b>bold</b>
itaric ''itaric'' <i>itaric</i>
bold and itaric '''''bold and itaric''''' <b><i>bold and itaric</i></b>
itaric-bold and itaric '''''itaric-bold''' and itaric'' <i><b>ib</b> a. i</i>
itaric and itaric-bold ''itaric and ''''''itaric-bold''''' <i>b a. <b>ib</b></i>

If you want to create a blank line in front or behind a text, just type "<Return>" twice, thus simply create a blank line.

If you want to write on behind a break without a blank line, then you have to append <br/>.
Then it will look like this break.

Have a look at the source code (meaning the wiki syntax respectively wiki notation).

Then you will see that it is often more concise, if you use <br/> and only seperate parts of different content by using a blank line.

Important to know:

a space at the beginning of a line is malicious, because a box, like this one, will be created
text in the box is so to speak "preformatted" and corresponds to something like <pre></pre> in HTML
but beacause you always press the preview-button first, you can avoid mistakes like these
  • With a star at the line start you can create a listing
    • Two stars indent a little
          • And that happens the more the more stars you use
  1. If a number sign # stands at the beginning of a line
  2. you can created a numbered listing, meaning 1. 2. 3. 4.
  3. Every further line will get an ascending number then.

This wll be

  1. interrupted, if something else than a # is at the beginning of the line of such an serially numbered listing.
  2. Just try it some time.
*And do not place a space in front of the # or the *, otherwise there will be a box!
Using a colon at the beginning of the line can indent "invisible"
using several of it moch more

That's very practical, if you want to discuss with multiple people. And this will be explained to you in a later part of this tutorial in a more accurate way.

But what the heck means this weird <nowiki>?

Therewith we can tell the wiki that all between these so called NoWiki-tags is ignored. Especially if you want to display wiki comands, that only works inbetween this nowiki-bracketing.

;A semicolon at the beginning of a line with a colon: will cause an automatic formatting and then will look this way:

A semicolon at the beginning of a line with a colon
will cause an automatic formatting and then will look this way


Using headings you improve the structure of an article. Headings are created this way:

==Heading== (2 equals sign)
===Sub-Heading=== (3 equals sign)

If an article has at least four headings, the software will automatically generate contents.

If all this seems to complicated to you, keep in mind that contents are the most important thing in the Wiki Aventurica for us and just start to write at will. There will always be someone, who will format a good text according to our conventiuons and guidelines – the people, who contribute good matters are few and far between. Give'em to us!

Some more information about this topic though at Wikipedia, so please come back to our site immediately

Next step in the tutorial.