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Link Pages

A wiki system is an hypertext system. That means that there are cross-references, which lead to other arcticles. Such cross-references are called hyperlinks respectively "links".
You surely know that from encyclopaedias. You look something up and you are refered to another keyword by a little arrow. In the wiki you can simply click the link and you are on the referred page.

When to set a Link?

If you compose a text, you should set a link at the most important keywords.

However we formed a habit of avoiding multiple links to the same keyword within a text.
Just have a look at the Aventurian index or select "Zufälliger Artikel" (random article), then you will get an overview.

Best you put yourself in the reader's place and ask yourself, which links you would like to follow!

Important to know: We try to use the singular form for each term, that is more consistent and you can find and link the article more easy in this way.

How to set a Link?

For that purpose you have to know that the wiki differs between three different "sorts" of hyperlinks.

  1. Wikilinks - our "normal links"
  2. Interwiki links - links to other wikis inside of the interwiki network
  3. Weblinks - links to any other site on World Wide Web


Using double squared brackets you can turn a word in your text into a link to the article of the same title. [[En:Gareth]] will turn to En:Gareth, a wikilink to the wiki-article Gareth, after saving the page. As you can see we are using a namespace for English articles. Eventually the English Wiki Aventurica will be a wiki on their own, when there are enough articles. But until then we will show you in a moment, how you make the namespace in the wikilink go away.

But in your text there is not just Gareth, but also an appendix? For example you want to link the En:Garethian (the citizen of Gareth)? Also no problem, simply append the „ian“ : [[En:Gareth]]ian will turn to En:Garethian.

But we still want to make the En: disappear. So that's what will help us in doing so: the so called pipe-notation (vertical bar | under Windows mostly: AltGr+<, Mac: Alt+7). You insert the pipe-symbol previous to the closing brackets and write down the real title in the correct form.

Example: [[En:Gareth|Gareth]] will turn to Gareth

This will also be useful if you want to concentrate topics to a central topic, and not want to spread the interesting parts over several articles. In this case there will be many occasions that the term, which you want to link, and the article, which shall be linked, have completely different name. Then the pipe-notation, presented above, will do the trick as well.

Example: Krrrgh longs for his [[En:Ork|Orkish villages]]. will turn to Krrrgh longs for his Orkish villages.


So, what's that? you maybe ask yourself. By now there are many wikis. To set a link between a wiki and another and not using the slightly circuitous weblink-notation, there are the "interwiki-links".
Wikis, to which interwiki-links are possible, you find in the interwiki survey.

A interwiki-link is created by simply entering [[Wikipedia:en:The Dark Eye|The Dark Eye]]. These links are instantly turned this way: The Dark Eye. The en: indicates it will be linked to the English Wikipedia.

If you want to link to the other wikis stated in the survey, change it accordingly.


Hyperlinks leading to pages outside of the Wiki Aventurica you should only link under the sub-heading „Weblinks“ at the end of the article – external links in the article are not liked to be seen, except there is a really good reason.

The easiest way to create an external link is to enter the complete URL of the page you want to link to: the software will automatically turn into a link and displays the complete WWW-address. However this formatting looks inelegant and doesn't tell anything about the content of the page.

Hence you can let display another text. Confusingly the vertical bar is not used for this, but a simple space after the address; then the text, which shall be displayed, follows, regardless whether it contains a space or not. This is how it works:

[ Ulisses Spiele]:
turns to Ulisses Spiele

Memory hook: In the wiki everything (the links) is doubly enclosed in brackets and inside there's content (a bar). Weblinks are single on the outside and empty inside.

„Help, my Link is red!“ – Creating new Articles

If an article with such a title not yet exists, the links to it are displayed red instead of blue. But that's absolutly not upsetting - this way the Wiki Aventurica grows.

If you know something about the topic of the "red link", then just click at this link and write the text into the appearing text box yourself. If you want to be cautious, that no complicate tables etc. go bust, just write down your text upmost or downmost, than nothing can happen. And as mentioned before: You don't have to worry about your formatting, experienced users are happy to do it later on. Much more important are articles with good content!

In the next chapter you will learn more about how to create articles...

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