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Writing Articles

When you have developped a certain interest in contributing to Wiki Aventurica, the main questions are how and where.

First Have a Look at the Existing …

Newbies are advised to start slowly. Search for topics, that you are interested in, read the articles, which already exist. By looking at an article and reading the source code – that is the form of the article, which apears in the edit-window – you will fast learn, how an article in the Wiki Aventurica should look like.

A little note: The source code of some articles looks pretty complicated at first glance. This is because these articles are full of tabulars and templates, and the way they are „written“, needs getting used to. But you shouldn't be put off by this! Just go down in the edit-window. Then the actual text of the article will follow, and is much easier to read or modify. there will be dealt no harm to more complicated formatting. Later on more experienced users will pleasently move the text to the right place.

… the writing the new

One of the most common beginner's mistakes is to start after two minutes on the sand pit and produce five or ten new articles, which consist usually of no more than two or three words in rapid succession. And then there's a big disappointment, when the articles are deleted.

A new article should show some quality: There should be a few lines, two or three are enough. And first of all you should alway write in complete sentences. The first sentence should always include the article title. With articles like „Meadows: Is a dukedom“ nobody is much helped. But also do not display false no modesty: We don't expect that a new article has the quality of a doctoral thesis.

The nice thing about a wiki is that you can start immidiatly and write nearly as much as you like. So as a start don't worry about formatting. The more experienced users will change the text to the right form.

More about the topic

First of all read up and prepare for the spelling style, which is used here, before you start to write new articles. If you have wishes about articles you can leave them at Wishes for the Wiki.

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