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Discussion Pages

There are many times, that you have another opinion than the author or the last editor of an article. In these cases it is often better to start a discussion. Otherwise it may get down to constant two way corrections, which can lead to an edit war.

Because of this the discussion page is an important feature of the Wiki Aventurica.

If you want to ask a question about an article, demur, have another opinion than the author of the section or get a comment of your chest, the easiest way to do this is to write a note at the talk page. For that purpose just click on the link „Diskussion&#8220 (discussion) above of every page. By the way: If the link is red, this will be no reason to worry. In this case simply no discussion page is existing and you can create it by using „Bearbeiten“ (edit).

In the case that there are already longer disussions, you can just write a new comment by clicking the plus-sign next to the link „bearbeiten“ (edit).

We usually don't sign in articles. It is different in case of an expression of opinion like on the discussion pages. How this works, have already been showed to you, but we will repeat this now once again.

Types of Discussion Pages

There are, broadly spoken, three types of discussion pages.

  • Discussion pages for common articles - these are called article discussion(s)
  • Discussion pages for restricted articles - the same, but here you can only make contributions on the discussion page, which are potentially taken over to the article page by the moderators
  • User discussion pages - here you can leave a message for the other user: when he or she signs in the next time he or she will get a note until he or she will have read his or her user discussion page.

Especially user discussion pages are something for statements, which directly concern a person. But often a topic is of interest for many persons, so that maybe you rather write your statement on the discussion page of the article. You can additionally link the article discussion on the user discussion page then. Otherwise it's unnecessary difficult for others to take part in the discussion.

Example: Please have a look at Diskussion:En:Aventuria, I have stated my opinion there. --Signature


If you answer to another one, then write your comment after a space direct under the comment of the other person. If you write a colon „:“ at the beginning of the line, your comment will be indented. By the way it is also possible to indent text by using „bullets“ (which is commonly used for lists). To do so, you have to write an asterisk „*“ at the beginning of a line. Both asterisks and colons can be used repeatedly; per character the text will be indented a bit more. Both can also used at the same time. To number something, the number sign „#“ can be used. This is used for votings and polls for example.

Example for a fictitious discussion

Can you explain me, how to sign?

Signing is pretty easy. You just have to type ~~~ (three tildes).Stip (Diskussion)
or ~~~~ (four tildes), if you also want to display the date. --Alrik (talk2me) 14:10, 7. Aug 2006 (GMT)
but if you type five tildes ~~~~~ (by mistake), only the date will be displayed.16:22, 13. Sep 2006 (GMT)
We use -- to mark off the signature, then it is more isolated.

Sign Discussions

It is important to sign comments and notes, so that discussion contributions can be associated and followed in an easy way. As you have learned a moment ago, you simply type --~~~~ to sign with your username or IP-address, date and time. So don't be confused, if it is transformed in the preview section, but is not yet replaced in the textbox.

Next step in the tutorial.-->