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Wiki Aventurica encourages a friendly and open atmosphere. Of course there are disagreements in practice und maybe even an argument, nevertheless the members of the wiki-community are expected to behave in a civilzed way.

Of main importance is to keep in mind that you should always act on the assumption of the other's good will – and that he or she doesn't act based on spitefulness. If somebody upsets you, you'll write him a polite message on the discussion page of the according article or directly on his or her discussion page, and ask for the reasons. Oftentimes it turns out that you have just avoided a missunderstanding and stop you from doing something you would later regret.

That's said, we are already arrived at an important topic: The motivation.
It's not really helpfull for motivation, if one "meddles" with another one's begun project. Often it is rather much more profilic for all the involved to advance an opinion using the discussion pages. Especially if other co-workers also speak out on the topic, a acceptable conclussion will be found in the quickest way.
Because of this the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated! is surely not wrong.

House Politics

We in the Wiki Aventurica want to reach a „position as neutral as possible“. That means that all significant points of view concerning on a topic in the Wiki are accepted. Instead of just stating only one perspective, it is a matter of showing all relevant viewpoints without rating which is the right one. It is our aim to be informative and not to convince the readers of something. The difference between „neutral“ and „objective“ is important. Oftentimes both sides are convinced that their point of view is „objectively true“ – although from a neutral perpective both sides are stated.

If you want to deal with controversial articles in topics like religion or politics, it is important that you take a close look on the exact description of the neutral point of view some time. In topics that are not discussed in such an emotional way, like mathematics or animal species, you don't have to worry about the exact definition of the neutral point of view that much.


One thing is strictly forbidden in the Wiki: Don't copy any external webpages or copyrighted materials without permission by the owner! If you are unsure, what you are allowed to do, you can ask people which are familiar with the copyrights on Copyright problems.

The following pages contain already more specialized knowledge for this Wiki. If you don't want to go any deeper for the time being, you can also jump directly to the end of this tutorial .

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