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Style sheets

Now you are going to learn how to use style sheets.

Style sheets are reformatted text templates which you can simply copy and fill out. There are infoboxes implemented into most style sheets. If you have problems with them, you should take a look at the previous page in this tutorial.
But these style sheets shouldn't be viewed as a final version. Or in other words, if you have good reasons or some great ideas, you are welcome to propose them on the discussion pages of the style sheets.

How to use the style sheet

The usage is pretty simple. You call up the suitable template, mark the complete style sheet and copy it into the desired article.
The only thing you have to do then, is to fill in the content. For this purpose there are small hints attached all over the style sheet. At all places where you should insert some information, the corresponding topic is mentioned in capital letters. So if it is written SHORT DESCRIPTION in the style sheet, you are supposed to write down a short description of the article topic at this place.

Which style sheets exist?

We have already create such templates for many topics. In detail there are:

All style sheets can be found in Kategorie:EN:Style Sheet.

On with the show!