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Horasian Empire[edit]

Brief Description[edit]

Horasian Empire
Crest of the Horasian Empire
other version of the crest
Blazon vert, an eagle displayed or beaked and membered gules, surmounted by an inescutcheon (azure, a roundel or)
Language Horathi, Cyclopean
Type of Government Monarchy (Horas-Empire)
Head of State Empress Amene III. Horas of the House Firdayon
Capital Vinsalt
Map Index H, I, respectively K1.1, K1.2
Area ca. 66,000 squaremiles (without Drôl)
Population 731,060 (Census Amenis, 2514 VI. Reg.) (state 1027 BF)
- thereof in cities  ? (? %) (1027 BF)
Founded 1492 b. BF initial foundation, regain independence in 752 BF
Chronicle Chronicle: Horasian Empire
Currency Horasdor, ducats, silver thalers, farthings, kreutzers
by courtesy of
Ulisses Spiele and Uhrwerk Verlag

The Horasian Empire is a realm situated at the west coast of Aventuria. It emanated from the Old Empire. The Old Empire, which formally was a kingdom since the regain of the independence from the New Empire in 752 BF, became the Horasian Empire under Amene II.: Amene accepted the imperial dignity and expanded her sphere of control by diplomacy and war. That way Drôl and the Cyclops Islands were incorporated. The Horasian Empire is sometimes still called Old Empire or Fairfield, but this is just the name of the Central Kingdom at the Yaquir.
The Horasian Empire is the most develloped realm of Aventuria. The national god Horas and the goddess Hesinde are particularly worshiped. Over 2.500 years ago the first settlers from Gyldenland disembarked here and founded the Bosparanian Empire in ca. 1492 b. BF. In 0 BF Bosparam was destroyed and the Bosparanian Empire was occupied by the Middenrealm. The Horasian Empire is independent since again 752 b. BF. At the moment Empress Amene III. Horas reigns on the En:Eaglethrone.


the Caliphate in the east, the Margravedom of Windhague in the north, the Kingdom of Almada in the northeast, the Great Emirate of Mengbilla in the south.
the Kingdom of Yaquiria, the Kingdom of the Cyclopeans, the Kingdom of Drôl, the Kingdom of the Southern Sea
Vinsalt, Kuslik, Arivor, Methumis, Drôl, Neetha, Rethis, Teremon, Silas, Belhanka, Bethana, Horasia, New Bosparan
Yaquir, Sikram, Chabab, Phecadi, Onjet, Harotrud, Sewak
Loch Harodrôl, Drunab-Lake, Geron-Lake
Goldenrock, High Eternans, Windhague Mountains, Phecanowood
Arinkelwood, Ranafandelwood, Wulfenforest, Llanegowood


The Horasiat Yaquiro originally was a Myranian penal colony, wich became independent until the House Charybalis subdued it and built a large insanctuary of Charyptoroth in H'Rangor.

Earthly Classification[edit]

At the moment the Horasian Empire approximately corresponds to France at the time of baroque. But there are efforts to settle it more in the renaissance after the model of Italy, thus fell-out city states instead of a centralised state. It is similar to Portugal in a few aspects, just compare the crest of the Horasian Empire with the one of Aveiro.


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