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Empire Middenrealm[edit]

Brief Description[edit]

Crest of the Middenrealm
Other version of the crest
Blazon azure, a griffin rampant gules on a roundel or
Language Garethi
Type of Government Monarchy (Emperor)
Head of state Empress Rohaja of Gareth
Capital Gareth
Map Index K2-1 to K2-7
respectively. D to G and S to U
Area 679,000 square miles
Population 1,759,000 (state 1027 BF)
- thereof in cities 342,200 (20 %) (1027 BF]])
Founded 0 FoB, after the Battle of Brig-Lo
Chronicle Chronicle:Middenrealm
Currency ducats, silver thalers, farthings, kreutzers
by courtesy of
Ulisses Spiele and Uhrwerk Verlag

The Middenrealm is the largest realm in Aventuria. The official name is Holy New Empire of the Griffin Throne and Gareth, other, more commonly used, names are New Empire or Empire of Raul. Its territory consists of the largest part of the northern half of the continent. The Middenrealm was constituted after the collapse of the Bosparanian Empire. Political power rests in the hands of the nobility with the Emperor as the head of state. The current ruling dynasty is the House of Gareth. The imperial capital is Gareth.

A more precise description is given in the articles for the particular regions.

Calendarium of the Middenrealm

Territorial Changes[edit]

During the Year of Fire and its aftermath the territorial structure of the Middenrealm was upset. The Kingdom of Albernia proclaimed independence, but is still considered a part of the empire. The Kingdom of Almada is currently not under direct control of the Empress due to the ambitions of her brother Selindian Haal of Gareth who proclaimed himself to be the rightful emperor and was crowned in Punin.

Further developments were the dissolution of the Kingdom of Darpatia as specified in the Deed of Oxenblood and the formation of the Travia March which encompasses Rommilys and the surrounding areas and is under direct control of the church of Travia. Boronia and the occupied parts of Eastern Darpatia were given to the Golgarite Order and are now officially called the Raven March. The area around Warkhome is de facto no longer controlled by the Empire and the Savage March has formed there.

Other consequences of the signing of the Deed of Oxenblood was the formatio of the Margravedom of Perricum, consisting of the city itself and several Darpatian baronies in the Troll Peaks, after its separation from the Kingdom of Garetia.


Nostria and Andergast, the Orkland, the Elven territories and the free cities Thunderbrook and Uhdenmount in the north. Fountland and the free city of Vallusa in the northeast. The Black Lands in the east. Arania, the Caliphate and the Horasian Empire in the south.
Kingdom of Albernia (disputed), Kingdom of Almada, Kingdom of Garetia, Margraviate Griffinsford, Kingdom of Kosh, Duchy of the Northern Marches, Duchy of Tobria (the non-occupied part), Duchy of Meadows, Margravedom of Windhague, Margravedom of Perricum, Ecclesiastical Marches (Raven March, Travia March, Sun March; partly disputed)
Colonies and exclaves
Beilunk, Royal Protectorate Hôt-Alem, Jilaskan (Kingdom of Maraskan)
Montane Kingdoms of Xorlosh, Isnatosh, Tosh'Mur and Koshim
Territorial claims
Those parts of the Duchy of Tobria, the former Kingdom of Darpatia, the Margravedom of Beilunk, the Margravedom of Warunk and the Kingdom of Maraskan that are occupied by the Black Lands; the Savage March; parts of the Kingdom of Maraskan occupied by the Shîkanydad; the parts of the Imperial March South Almada (Novadian: Amhalassih, currently not disputed and relinquished to Caliphate control due to the Treaty of Unau) occupied by the Caliphate; the Wasteland around the Meadowian village Dragenfield (currently not inhabited)
The Great River runs through nearly all western provinces. The Tommel is the geographical border to Andergast. The Darpat flows through the Travia March and the Margravedom of Perricum. Within the Savage March the Dergel passes Warkhome. The Pandlaril flows through Meadows in a northward direction and falls into Lake Lamprey. The Yaquir runs through the renegade province of Almada.

Earthly Classification[edit]

The central part of the Frankish Empire was called Mittelreich (which is the German term for the Middenrealm in TDE) in German after the split in 843. However, this was a common term for states situated in the center of continents or central parts of individual states since Mittelreich simply translates to "central realm" in English.

China is called "Mittelreich" or "Reich der Mitte" in German (the "Middle Kingdom" in English), as well as in Japanese and in the Chinese language itself (simplified Chinese and Japanese (Kanji): 中国; traditional Chinese: 中國; pinyin: Zhōngguó) - however, it is unlikely that the authors of TDE were inspired by this usage.

The general structure of several independent or semi-independent provinces (which sometimes differ greatly in culture, language, political and social structure, even the level of technology etc.) organized as a federal monarchy under an imperial ruling house is very similar to the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation in the 16th century. The individual regions often resemble other European kingdoms of the 15th and 16th century.


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