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Gyldenland is a term commonly used in Aventuria for the continent.

Brief description[edit]

Myranor is the continent to the west of Aventuria. Other names for it include Gyldenland and Thaesumu. Its main difference to Aventuria is its larger size and a multitude of non-human peoples.


Significant regions of Myranor include:

However, this is only a small part of the continent, whose far western regions are yet to be described.

Earthly affairs[edit]

In older TDE-publications, Gyldenland was drafted as an antique setting. So, it came as a surprise when the first publications to Myranor presented the continent as a landscape drawing inspiration from the likes of Asia or Indonesia.

Myranor borrows a lot of themes from Aventuria and puts them into a new context, so TDE-veterans will always have new discoveries to make during their stay there.

However, there is only a slender range of products relating to Myranor. Furthermore, there were mistakes being made during the marketing of the new RPG-system, which was derogatorily called TDE 3.5.
April 2006 saw the release of the hard cover ruleset which included the rules for TDE 4.1.

At the Spiel trade fair 2006 in Essen, it was announced that Ulisses Medien & Spiel Distribution GmbH will continue the publication of Myranor. Responsible editors will be Jörg Raddatz and Heike Kamaris.
Scheduled products include a module dealing with magic and a regional module concerning the northern Empire (Dorinthapoles, Serovia and Hjaldingard).


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