Over Griffin Pass

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Adventure Description[edit]

TDE2 Over Griffin Pass
Over Griffin Pass.jpg
Adventure volume
Edition: 4th
Campaign: none
Author(s): Thomas Finn
Pagecount: 64
Price: 12.99 €
ISBN and availability: ISBN 1-932564-37-3 availability
Release date: 2006
Available at:
Additional Information:
by courtesy of
Ulisses Spiele and Uhrwerk Verlag

Back cover[edit]

Be careful of what you might find ... A point to start at, and a point that may also signal the end ... for the players! The first adventure for The Dark Eye leads novice players and game masters into the mountainous Kosh province, where an old mage has been kidnapped and a legendary crystal ball has been stolen. Players must learn the secret of the mage and the wonderous crystal ball. What secrets lie in Griffon Pass? Is there more than meets the eye? This is an adventure for three to five players of levels 1 through 3. Excellent, compelling adventure that draws players into the wider world of Aventuria, developed over nearly 20 years in Germany. A best-selling adventure in the German release, this adventure orginally written for Das Schwarze Auge is a well-crafted romp for players and game masters alike.

Additional information[edit]

This adventure is the English translation of the German Über den Greifenpass