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Quick-Start Rules
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Official download
Edition: 5th
Author(s): Alex Spohr
Cover: Nadine Schäkel
Pagecount: 16
Price: free
ISBN and availability:
Format: PDF Download
Release date: 2015/07/30 " 30 July 2015
Available at: ulisses-us.com (direct-link)
Additional Information:
by courtesy of
Ulisses Spiele and Uhrwerk Verlag

Back Cover[edit]

Europe’s most popular fantasy RPG, The Dark Eye, will soon be available in America!

The Dark Eye (TDE) has enthralled players across Europe, and soon you will have a chance to see why. The world of Aventuria allows you to play every style of fantasy: epic high fantasy, medieval intrigue, barbaric adventures in the wilderness, or a classic pirate’s tale, just to name a few. Aventuria is the perfect setting for your stories and visions. Soon the world of Aventuria and the latest edition of the fantasy RPG The Dark Eye will be published in English!

People have been playing The Dark Eye for over 30 years!

Over 30 years. Hundreds of thousands of players. The Dark Eye has the largest active community of any European roleplaying game. The editors of TDE are all roleplaying veterans and fantasy writers who started playing TDE as children. Years of gaming and stories provide a depth to the world not commonly found in other games.

An established game from an established publisher!

Ulisses-Spiele is already well established. We have plenty of support, supplements, and adventures for The Dark Eye already, and we’ve had time to fine-tune the rules. We’ve hired native English speakers to make sure our translations meet your expectations. Once your campaign begins, we’ll support it thoroughly with exciting new products for years to come.

The Dark Eye Rulebook: Gateway to Aventuria!

The Dark Eye Core Book is a glorious 400-page masterpiece! There are color illustrations on almost every page, immersing you in the world of Aventuria. You also get reference cards to keep track of things like spells and liturgical chants during play. Color coding helps you stay on top of the rules, and the layout is tailored for ease of use at the gaming table.


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