The Dark Eye: Basic Rules

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Back Cover[edit]

The Dark Eye: Basic Rules
Basic Rules Cover.jpg
Edition: 4th
Author(s): Britta Herz, Ina Kramer, Thomas Römer
Cover: Zoltán Boros and Gábor Szikszai
Pagecount: 184 (contents, index)
Price: $ 29.95/29,95 €
ISBN and availability: 1-932564-02-0 availability
Format: PDF Download, Hardcover
Release date: 2003
Available at:
Additional Information:
by courtesy of
Ulisses Spiele and Uhrwerk Verlag

Make your mark on the world of Aventuria!
The world of Aventuria awaits you! This core rulebook allows you to play a character chosen from a background of 8 cultures (including human, elven and dwarven) and 12 professions (from rogue to warrior to magician). It includes a detailed yet easy attribute and skill system, a quick combat system and the basic rules for sorcery. It also features a short primer on Aventurian geography, politics, history and religion, as well as 8 archetypal characters for easy access to an endless world where fantasy and reality meet.

A new world from the old world ...
The Dark Eye is based on the brand-new fourth edition of Das Schwarze Auge, Germany's premier fantasy role-playing game since 1983. The elegant rules are a product of 20 years of constant development. The richly detailed game world, Aventuria, is developed from literally hundreds of game adventures and supplements. Embark on the exploration of a lifetime, the discovery of an imaginative and complete role-playing setting, now available in English for the very first time!


Additional information[edit]

The Dark Eye is the English translation of the German role playing game "Das Schwarze Auge" (literally "the black eye", but without its idiomatic sense, as the German version of black eye is "blaues Auge" literally "blue eye").

Editorial Staff
Britta Herz, Ina Kramer, Thomas Römer
Cover by
Thomas Thiemeyer
Map of Aventuria
Ina Kramer
Product number
Cover Layout and Graphic Conception
Ralf Berszuck
Caryad, Sabine Weiss, Zoltán Boros, Gábor Szikszai
Florian Don-Schauen, Britta Herz, Thomas Römer
Dr. Rainer Nagel and Alexandra Velten
Timothy Brown
Anne K. Brown
Additional Editing
Michelle Lyons
Typesetting and Production
Kathy Connors and William W. Connors
Printed and bound
Fantasy Productions LLC, Chicago, USA
1st: 2003


The rules seem to be well done, but there are too many abbreviations with no glossary for them, so you have to go back in the book and try to find the good page where it's defined. There are also some small typoes, but the biggest problem is at page 105 where a whole sentence is missing and so the distance classes rules is difficult to use.

Page 107 must read "More on HP (ED)".

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