The Lioness

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Back cover[edit]

- The Lioness
The Lioness.jpg
(Co-)Author: Ina Kramer, Amy Katherine Kile (translator)
Series or Campaign: The Life of Thalionmel
Episodes: The Lioness, The Sacrifice
Cover: Oliver Frey
Pagecount: 300
ISBN and availability: 0-7615-0477-X availability
Order number:
Format: Paperback
Release date: March 20, 1996
Publisher: Proteus
Available at:
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Thalionmel distinguished herself while fighting against the hordes of the heathen Novadi in one of the bloodiest battles in the history of her native Lovely Field. The Lioness delves into the early years of this Arkanian warrior and noblewoman who led a sheltered life until a tragic event wrenched her from her peaceful existence forever.


Additional information[edit]

English translation of the German novel Die Löwin von Neetha. This novel is the first in the series The Life of Thalionmel, which was continued with The Sacrifice (Thalionmels Opfer).