The Sacrifice

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Back cover[edit]

- The Sacrifice
(Co-)Author: Ina Kramer, Amy Katherine Kile (translator)
Series or Campaign: The Life of Thalionmel
Episodes: The Lioness, The Sacrifice
Cover: Oliver Frey
Pagecount: 320
ISBN and availability: 0-7615-0476-1 availability
Order number:
Format: Paperback
Release date: September 4, 1996
Publisher: Prima Lifestyles
Available at:
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In The Lioness, Thalionmel was forced to witness the murder of her parents and the destruction of her childhood home. Now, desolated, she departs for the imperial city of Neetha, where she finds consolation among the priests and priestesses in the Temple of Victory. In Neetha, she will have to prove herself in the eyes of the godly Twelve; but before she is found worthy of making the greatest sacrifice - putting her life into the hands of her Lady, Goddess Rondra, as a champion of battle - the beautiful and courageous she-warrior must face a series of brutal trials. With each of her heroic acts, Thalionmel's fame grows, and news of her deeds travels far beyond the walls of Neetha. Hardened by memories of tragedy and steeled by a vengeful rage, she is transformed into the legendary Lioness of Neetha - the most dreaded swordswoman ever to stalk Arkania's battlefields.


Additional information[edit]

English translation of the German novel Thalionmels Opfer. This novel is the final episode of the series The Life of Thalionmel, which was started with The Lioness (Die Löwin von Neetha).