The Secret of the Blue Tower

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Adventure description[edit]

For spoilers & help see The Secret of the Blue Tower (spoilers).

TDE1.1 The Secret of the Blue Tower
Adventure volume
Edition: 4th
Campaign: none
Author(s): Florian Don-Schauen
Cover: Ugurcan Yüce
Time: 27 Haal
Place: Honeyngton
Pagecount: 48
Price: 9.99 $/12,50 €
ISBN and availability: ISBN 1-9325-6405-5 availability
Release date: 2004
Available at:
Additional Information:
by courtesy of
Ulisses Spiele and Uhrwerk Verlag

Back cover[edit]

In The Secret of the Blue Tower, the heroes come into possession of a mysterious map, stolen recently from a temple to Hesinde. The map leads them to the town of Honeyngton, or rather to the strange tunnels and caverns beneath it, all stemming from the blue tower once owned by the magician Vasilos. Now abandoned, the heroes explore catacombs beneath a city in search of a repository of ancient knowledge accumulated by the magician wily magician.

Additional information[edit]

This adventure is part of the anthology The Secret of the Blue Tower and Witching Hours. It is the English translation of the German Das Geheimnis des blauen Turms (included in the box Abenteuer Aventurien).


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