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About us[edit]

The 95px originates from the idea to connect the wiki concept to TDE contents.

At this point it is important to say that we are, unlike Wikipedia, no internet encyclopaedia, but something like an almost free editable big homepage. It is primarily intended as bibliography and idea platform for all friends of the roleplaying system "The Dark Eye".

Because Wiki Aventurica is an wiki like the name implies, all pages can be modified by every visitor (q.v. the question "What is a wiki?" at the page Hilfe:En:Beginner. So TDE-players are allowed to put online their ideas and texts (but also pictures) about TDE in a quick and simple way. The together written text can be centrally hold out and be edited with help of a simple internet browser by everybody. In addition the Wiki Aventurica automatically records the modifications of all texts and can show them by request.

Projects, which are initiated in the Wiki Aventurica, are no longer are at the mercy of the personal motivation or the free time of the initiators. Started projects, ideas or texts can be easily picked up, extended and improved by other TDE-Fans and yet they are supposed to.

Some visitors unfortunaly are a little bit disappointed, that we have "still so few" information. Well, this is because we build up all by ourselves and NOT copy it from the publications.
In the 3 years of our existence we have compiled 229 articles after all. - But if something is missing, everybody can instantly start the creation, after all it is a take-part-project for every TDE-roleplayer!


Due to copyright issues we mustn't replace official products on no account. That means in detail:

  • Please do not copy texts from products
  • Please do not recite from memory (that's almost the same thing)
  • Please do not copy detailed values (e.g. hitpoints of a weapon, attribute values of NPC, etc.) - unless it concerns an errata

So what's allowed?[edit]

  • Additions and ample source remarks about all possible topics
  • to post homemade material, unless it devalues official products or gives an account of them in a too detailed way
  • quote errata

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