World of Aventuria

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Back Cover[edit]

World of Aventuria
World of Aventuria.jpg
Regional volume
Author(s): various
Cover: Thomas Thiemeyer
Pagecount: 192 (contents)
Price: $ 29.99/29,95 €
ISBN and availability: 1-932564-06-3 availability
Format: PDF Download, Hardcover
Release date: August 29, 2006
Available at:
Additional Information:
by courtesy of
Ulisses Spiele and Uhrwerk Verlag

Explore the lands of the Dark Eye!
The world of Aventuria awaits you!

From the frozen tundras of the Grimmfrost Wastes to the blasted wastes of the Khôm Desert, the forests of the Elves to the steaming jungles of the Cyclops Islands, the continent of Aventuria has it all. Political intrigue, ancient Emperor Dragons, demon overlords and marauding bands of orks. The Orkstorm is over, and the evil Borbarad has been defeated, but their legacies remain. The people of Aventuria are rebuilding, and in desperate need of heroes. Who will answer their call?

24 major regions and nations are covered in-depth, plus dozens more major cities across the lands.

Details on cultures, armies and navies, law and order, astrology and superstition, and much, much more!

Reports from the few intrepid adventurers who have made the trek across the oceans and to the lands beyond—and survived to tell about it!

New game rules for poisons and diseases both common and rare, ancient magical tomes, additional Talents and more.

More than 130 major NPCs from all walks of life.

Everything you need to explore the lands of The Dark Eye!


Additional information[edit]


Cover Art
Thomas Thiemeyer
Cover Design
Ralf Berszuck
Interior Illustrations
Nicolas Bau, Caryad, Frank Freund, Jens Haupt, Horus, Ina Kramer, Norbert Lösche, Don-Oliver Matthies, Susanne Michels, Christian Turk, Ugurcan Yüce
Original Color Maps
Ralf Hlawatsch, Michael Meyhöfer, Thomas Römer
Florian Don-Schauen, Thomas Römer
Box Editor
Britta Herz
Editorial Staff
Britta Herz, Ina Kramer, Thomas Römer
The World of the Dark Eye and Encyclopaedia Aventurica Authors
Michael Brandt, Lena Falkenhagen, Ralf Hlawatsch, Jörg Raddatz, Thomas Römer, Gun-Britt Tödter
With additions by
Britta Herz, Heike Kamaris, Arne Kaminski, Stefan Küppers, Gregor Rot, Hadmar Freiherr von Wieser, Karl-Heinz Witzko, Armin Abele

English Language Credits[edit]

Ole Christiansen, Dr. Rainer Nagel, Thomas Plischke, Jan van der Crabben
Additional Translation
René Lilly Heimpold, Thomas Römer
Christoffer Trossen
Development Assistance
Timothy Brown
Editing and Proofreading
Michelle Lyons
Adam Jury


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